Discovery Southeast Naturalists have created online lessons and shared them with teachers at Juneau School District to use in their remote classroom teaching. We’ve now made them public for anyone to view. We have them organized by grade level, but your child might like to try those targeted to a year younger or older than them too!

If you are looking for more information about something you’re noticing outdoors, chances are you can find it on Discovery Southeast’s sub-site, Juneau Nature, where Lead Naturalist Richard Carstensen explores topics of Nature, Culture and Places with numerous tools to aid in your explorations of the incredible place we call home.

Elementary Nature Journals for the School Year

September: Discovering Wonder of Seeds! At X’aakeidi

In this month’s take home curriculum packet, discover the wonder of seeds and how they travel. Why do plants make seeds? How do they ensure that spreads travel? Get ready to collect, inspect, dissect and test the many seeds of southeast.

Kindergarten- 2nd graders

Build your own Weather Station! Kindergarten

In this 4 part series designed for Kindergartners, you’ll build a rain gauge, a wind sock, draw clouds and think about how to dress right for the different weather we have here in Southeast Alaska!

Bird Sounds! 1st grade

In this 3 part series designed for 1st graders, a story about birds, coming up with your own words for bird songs, drawing bird songs and finally making your own sound map!

Flowers and Pollinators 2nd grade

This is a 2 part activity on flowers and their pollinators. Get a paper and pencil and get ready to learn about why flowers need pollinators, and why pollinators need flowers! Can you design a flower to attract a butterfly?

Let’s Build a Boat! 2nd-4th Grade

In this 3 part series designed for kids ages 7-11, Join Naturalist Kelly and her son Smith to build a boat with items found outside. You’ll find the materials, test the materials and design a boat to float!

3rd-5th Graders

Animal Signs at Dredge Lakes 3rd grade Seaweek Lesson

In this 3 part series, there will be a puzzler beginning, looking at a particular animals specific adaptations, drawing that animal, and then an outside building project. (no spoilers here!) Check it out!

Bird Beaks at the Mendenhall Wetlands 4th grade Seaweek Lesson

In this 2 Part lesson, explore the world of birds and their beaks. Each beak is suited for a specific food, we’ll use some common household items to simulate 3 Juneau birds’ beaks and the food they are trying to get.

Glacial Landforms at the Mendenhall Glacier 5th grade Seaweek Lesson

In this 3 part series, we’ll visit the Mendenhall Glacier and walk along the Nugget Falls trail looking for signs that the glacier used to be there! Get ready for a fun trip full of glacier jokes, and thought provoking questions- do you know what the glacier said to the mountain?

Beach Themed Activities for Any Age

In honor of SeaWeek’s 50th Anniversary, we created some Family Friendly activities for your trips to the beach!

Tide Pooling Reminders 

Going Tide Pooling soon? Watch this video for a story from Naturalist Steve Merli for some reminders about what it’s like for the sea creatures to have a giant step on their house.

Intertidal Scavenger Hunt

A fun list of things to find on your next tide pool adventure! Remember to be gentle giants out there!

How old are Clam shells?

Can you find a clam shell as old as you? Older than your parent? Learn how to age a clam shell and get counting!