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Beavers by the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska

A great introduction to one of our keystone species, in the fascinating setting of the recently deglaciated upper Mendenhall Valley. This delightfully illustrated, 60-page book has been available in local bookstores for several years. Now Bob and Mary have generously made it available for free.  Readers will come away with an appreciation for the entire ecosystem in addition to a much deeper understanding of beavers.

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Common Flowers of Southeast Alaska


Our laminated tri-fold pocket guide on Flowers gives you information to identify common Southeast Alaskan flowers, and can handle a rainstorm…like July.

Common Tracks Guide

Tracking has been a core activity in Discovery programs for years.  This pocket guide provides tracking tips for common mammals and birds of Southeast, helping students, teachers, and budding naturalists read the signs of non-human inhabitants in the landscape.


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You can purchase a physical copy, or make a donation below.

Documenting change through repeat photography in Southeast Alaska

This report highlights historical photographs of Southeast Alaska from a variety of archives.  It focuses on repeat photography, the act of retaking historical photos and juxtaposing them with the originals in order to see changes in the land over time.  Not only does this report cover most of Southeast Alaska, it also offers insights into the past and future of photographic documentation.

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Fall 1998 Newsletter, The Art of Noticing

This edition of our newsletter, Discoveries, focuses on observation.  Kathy Hocker is Juneau’s premier artist-naturalist, teaching classes on field techniques for all ages. In 1998, she wrote a feature article for our newsletter, entitled The Art of Noticing.  In the article, Hocker explains that “field sketching isn’t just for artists. Many people who plead ‘I can’t draw’ in most situations are less intimidated by sketching outdoors. This is because the goal of field sketching is not necessarily to create a realistic representation, but to use the process of drawing to learn more. The actual picture that results may be secondary to the insight gained from creating that picture.”

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Fall 2001 Newsletter, Off Trail

Our Fall 2001 newsletter includes an article by Steve Merli exploring the benefits of going off trail with kids, and an essay by Richard Carstensen on how Southeast Alaska ranks compared to neighboring ecoregions.

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Gold Creek Delta Historical Series

This report uses historical photos and maps to document the changing downtown Juneau waterfront  from mid-1800s to present.  It's a fascinating window to Juneau's growth. Carstensen annotates the maps, providing detailed observations about the Delta. This report was created in order to evaluate alterations along the shoreline proposed for a Seawalk.

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Heen Latinee High Country

This document journals Richard Carstensen’s observations in the remote high alpine habitat of the Forest Service’s Heen Latinee Experimental Forest, on the northern edge of Juneau.  It discusses geography, geology, habitat, and wildlife–and usually all at once!

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Intertidal Animals of Southeast Alaska


This laminated Discovery Guide helps you identify some commonly seen animals of Southeast Alaska’s rocky intertidal inside waters. It features an insightful layout, by tidepool depth.  And it’s laminated in case the tide rises too fast.  Go out and explore the tidepools!

Just Before the Camera: the Journal of Richard Meade

This extensively documented booklet annotates the voyage of Richard Meade through Southeast Alaska, one of the first instances of Europeans in the area.  Richard Meade was the captain of a steamship that took a 4 month tour through Southeast in 1868 and 1869.  Although his visit to Southeast was marked by tremendous violence toward the native people, he left behind this journal, an incredible snapshot of Alaska’s past.  Richard Carstensen poured over the journal, adding maps, natural observations, and photographs to Meade’s writing.

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Mendenhall Glacier: Aerial Perspectives

This booklet of maps and images spanning the past century shows the Mendenhall Glacier’s retreat and the forest succession, while also providing information on the area’s geology.  The Mendenhall Glacier was the destination selected by the Glacier habitat group of the STREAM: Pedagogy of Place Institute, July 17-19, 2013.  You’ll find information about bedrock geology and surficial geology, and you’ll also find historical photographs of the Mendenhall.

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Natural History of Juneau Trails: A Watershed Approach


If you or someone on your gift list enjoys Juneau’s outdoors, this book is for you.  It is packed with information for the hiker, hunter, or any student of the outdoors.  Richard’s insightful text, full color maps, and dozens of recent and historic photographs explain the landforms, water features, and natural environments Juneau residents navigate every day.  Dive in for a whole new understanding of the areas you love to explore, with one of Southeast Alaska’s foremost naturalists.

Natural History of Outer Point Trail

This two page guide to the Outer Point Trail on North Douglas is part of a series by Richard Carstensen on Juneau’s watersheds.  The short walk from North Douglas Highway to the beach transects a surprising diversity of habitat.

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Our dynamic home: Southeast Alaska then and now

In this half-hour video of still photography, Richard Carstensen looks at a rich archive of historical aerial photos taken in 1948 for mapping purposes, and compares them to present day images of Southeast Alaska communities. The result illuminates not only how the natural areas have changed, but also how our communities have changed.

From Richard:

In 2011, Cathy Pohl and I [Richard Carstensen] received a drive with 22,000 scanned air photos taken by the Navy in 1948. For the first time, cartographers and researchers in Southeast Alaska could efficiently access this extraordinary collection, studying natural and anthropogenic change in photos spanning 60 years. To celebrate, I created this 35-minute narrated slideshow comparing the 30-or-so Southeast communities, then and now.

Pond & Davies at Echo Cove

This booklet guides the reader through Alaska State Library's collection of historic photos of the Echo Cove area by turn-of-the-century miners Percy Pond and Lloyd Winter.  Carstensen describes and annotates the photos, putting them in historical, cultural, and natural contexts.  Originally used as enticing advertisements for prospective investors, these photographs are amazing windows into Juneau's past.

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