Juneaunature is devoted to the natural and cultural history of Juneau and all of Southeast Alaska. It’s the ‘content’ website for Discovery Southeast, Juneau’s natural history education group. For information on our programs, or to order copies of our publications, visit discoverysoutheast.org

Here’s an introduction to what you can find on our site, and where we hope to take it:

juneaunatureintro3 from Richard Carstensen on Vimeo.

Discovery may be best known as the team of intrepid naturalists who have shared nature with Juneau’s elementary school classes since 1989. Less well known are:

  • Discovery’s history of original field research.
  • Our role as bridge between educational and scientific communities.
  • Our natural and cultural history archives, 25 years in the making.

Juneaunature shares this experience with Discovery members, students, educators, scientists, and everyone who loves Southeast Alaska.

Here’s a slideshow on the past quarter century or so of Discovery’s history.

Stay tuned as we build juneaunature. Our deepest thanks to the Juneau Community Foundation–Michael Blackwell Fund, for supporting this site and our recent publications!

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