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Freshwater aquatic diversity in Antler River basin, north of Juneau.

Freshwater aquatic diversity in Antler River basin, north of Juneau.

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Auke Lake Trail Interpretive Signs

This three-part sign array offers information on the natural history, geology, and bio-culture of the Auke Lake Trail. You can download the three signs below:

Introduction (3MB): PDF_Download

Geology (2MB): PDF_Download

Bioculture (2MB): PDF_Download




Our laminated tri-fold guide to Streamwalking is the guide you’ll want in your pocket when you’re bushwacking in the Tongass.  It covers a variety of common plants and animals of Southeast Alaskan streams and ponds.  Top your waders all you want, it can take a dunk.

The Mendenhall Wetlands: a globally recognized Important Bird Area

The Mendenhall Wetlands have long been recognized as an important habitat for a large variety of birds.  This book provides an exhaustive picture of this federally recognized “Important Bird Area.”  It begins with a brief history of how the wetlands came to fall under environmental protection, and goes on to describe the birds that call the area home. You’ll also find information on vegetation, mammals, invertebrates, and ecological interactions in the wetlands.  The pages are complimented by wonderful color photographs of birds.

Download Here (6MB): PDF_Download





The Streamwalker’s Companion


This is an overview of streamwalking in Southeast Alaska intended for anyone who wants to put on a pair of boots and study the myriad lifeforms in our streams. You’ll find some biology here, and some chemistry, and some hydrology.  Streams are incredibly complex systems; this book helps a budding naturalist take a first leap into the water.