The land-sea interface

Alaska Shorezone Project aerial oblique. Dick’s Arm, outer coast of Glacier Bay National Park, 20050721.

Alaska Shorezone Project aerial oblique. Dick’s Arm, outer coast of Glacier Bay National Park, 20050721.


The coastline of Southeast Alaska is not only among the world’s most spectacular and intact; it’s now among the most thoroughly documented.

As of 2010, almost every linear foot of shoreline in Southeast has been captured in lovely oblique still imagery, like the shot above, and in video. The Alaska Shorezone Project flew the entire mainland and archipelago at low elevation, always during low tides. A flight index map on their website guides you to your desired imagery.

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Common Sea Life of Southeastern Alaska

This full-color, 170-page guide to invertebrates and selected fish of our region covers everything from soft corals to rockfish.  In the guide, you’ll find concise physical descriptions of the fish and invertebrates, and information on species and habitat.

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Glacial Rebound in the Mendenhall Wetlands

This report contains GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping and analysis for the Mendenhall Wetland State Game Refuge.  You’ll find information on glacial rebound, vegetation types, tidal elevations, and glacial rebound, all supported by GIS maps and detailed photographs.  Conservation value for the land is also discussed.

Download Here (1.9MB): PDF_Download

Hotspots: Bird Survey of Mendenhall Wetlands (April 2002 to May 2003)

This report is the culmination of eighteen bird surveys conducted in the Mendenhall Wetlands, an area widely recognized as an important habitat for migrating birds.  The survey results are complimented by GIS maps, graphs, and extensive habitat descriptions.  Looking towards the future, this report also addresses concerns about habitat use and destruction in the Wetlands.

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The Mendenhall Wetlands: a globally recognized Important Bird Area

The Mendenhall Wetlands have long been recognized as an important habitat for a large variety of birds.  This book provides an exhaustive picture of this federally recognized “Important Bird Area.”  It begins with a brief history of how the wetlands came to fall under environmental protection, and goes on to describe the birds that call the area home. You’ll also find information on vegetation, mammals, invertebrates, and ecological interactions in the wetlands.  The pages are complimented by wonderful color photographs of birds.

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Wildlife “Out the Road”

This is a report from Richard Carstensen  to the Southeast Alaska Land Trust on habitats and wildlife use of glacially-rebounding valleys from 25 to 28-mile Glacier Highway in Juneau. They call this area “risen valleys,” and in the report you can trace animal use and habitat descriptions for this remarkable portion of Southeast Alaska. This report contains extensive habitat descriptions, photographs, and animal descriptions.

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