Scattered throughout JuneauNature, you’ll find interactive maps created in ArcGIS Online. The introductory map below delineates watershed units for the Juneau. A contour hillshade map is the default, but by clicking the 4-square basemap symbol, you can choose imagery or other options. Clicking within any of the subshed units launches a popup with more information. The box in upper right allows search for any feature on the base map. Try entering your street address, or a natural feature such as a stream or mountain.

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find sub-topics for our 13 key watersheds.


Watersheds interpreted by Discovery Southeast during the CBJ Natural History Project are outlined in black.Trailhead interpretive sign locations in red. See a full version of the map by clicking on it.

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Natural History of Juneau Trails: A Watershed Approach


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