Lovely risen valley, uplift features, pocket beaches

Here’s a stitched-together sequence beginning at the reversing tidal falls at the Amalga salt chuck, and moving upstream into the magnificent uplift parklands.

upstreamsequence from Richard Carstensen on Vimeo.

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Natural History of Amalga Meadows

This guide to the Amalga Meadows is part of a series by Richard Carstensen on Juneau watersheds. Walk the area as you follow the 11 stations on this guide to learn about the diverse habitats at Amalga Meadows.

Download here (958kB): PDF_Download


Natural History of Juneau Trails: A Watershed Approach


If you or someone on your gift list enjoys Juneau’s outdoors, this book is for you.  It is packed with information for the hiker, hunter, or any student of the outdoors.  Richard’s insightful text, full color maps, and dozens of recent and historic photographs explain the landforms, water features, and natural environments Juneau residents navigate every day.  Dive in for a whole new understanding of the areas you love to explore, with one of Southeast Alaska’s foremost naturalists.

Wildlife “Out the Road”

This is a report from Richard Carstensen  to the Southeast Alaska Land Trust on habitats and wildlife use of glacially-rebounding valleys from 25 to 28-mile Glacier Highway in Juneau. They call this area “risen valleys,” and in the report you can trace animal use and habitat descriptions for this remarkable portion of Southeast Alaska. This report contains extensive habitat descriptions, photographs, and animal descriptions.

Download Here (4.2MB): PDF_Download