Our unnoticed front yard

From Richard Carstensen: my partner Cathy did a little bird study of the Gold Creek delta, with an eye (and ear) to what changes we might expect with construction of the proposed Sea Walk outside Egan Expressway. All kinds of cool stuff going on out there. But because we’re so cut off from our waterfront by traffic, few of us downtown residents recreate on little flounder creek.

Here’s a clip Cathy shot of a heron stalking gunnels in the Fucus beds:

heron from Richard Carstensen on Vimeo.

And another of a raven mass-harvesting them. Both of these movies were in late May, when chicks are in the nest. A pair of ravens were killing gunnels and staging them in the Fucus until they could fly home with large mouthfuls:

raven&gunnels from Richard Carstensen on Vimeo.

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Documenting change through repeat photography in Southeast Alaska

This report highlights historical photographs of Southeast Alaska from a variety of archives.  It focuses on repeat photography, the act of retaking historical photos and juxtaposing them with the originals in order to see changes in the land over time.  Not only does this report cover most of Southeast Alaska, it also offers insights into the past and future of photographic documentation.

Download Here (6MB): PDF_Download

Gold Creek Delta Historical Series

This report uses historical photos and maps to document the changing downtown Juneau waterfront  from mid-1800s to present.  It's a fascinating window to Juneau's growth. Carstensen annotates the maps, providing detailed observations about the Delta. This report was created in order to evaluate alterations along the shoreline proposed for a Seawalk.

Download Here (4MB): PDF_Download

Natural History of Gold Creek Watershed

This guide to the Gold Creek Watershed is part of a series by Richard Carstensen on Juneau watersheds.  It explains some of the unique forces influencing the area, from avalanches, to geologic faults, to human development.

Download here (794 k): PDF_Download


Natural History of Juneau Trails: A Watershed Approach


If you or someone on your gift list enjoys Juneau’s outdoors, this book is for you.  It is packed with information for the hiker, hunter, or any student of the outdoors.  Richard’s insightful text, full color maps, and dozens of recent and historic photographs explain the landforms, water features, and natural environments Juneau residents navigate every day.  Dive in for a whole new understanding of the areas you love to explore, with one of Southeast Alaska’s foremost naturalists.

[1867-2017] 150 Years of Change


1867_2017 from Richard Carstensen on Vimeo.

Download Here (20MB): PDF_Download

Presentation for the Juneau-Douglas City Museum, in the sesquicentennial year of Seward’s purchase. Visualizations of 3 iconic Juneau landscapes as they appeared in 1867, and today (2017). For more background, download the pdf 1867-2017.