Footshapes, gaits, forage sign, nests & beds

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From left to right: red squirrel, mink, snipe. Pencil is 5.5 inches.

For more than a quarter century, tracking has been Discovery’s core focus during winter Nature Studies activities in Juneau elementary schools.

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Common Tracks Guide

Tracking has been a core activity in Discovery programs for years.  This pocket guide provides tracking tips for common mammals and birds of Southeast, helping students, teachers, and budding naturalists read the signs of non-human inhabitants in the landscape.


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Fall 2004 Newsletter, Nexus: Estuaries of Southeast Alaska

This Discovery Southeast newsletter features an in-depth article on estuaries.  It includes notes on how estuaries develop, their food webs, and their importance to the greater ecosystem.  The newsletter also includes field journal nature sketches, a tracking exercise, and notes on Discovery Southeast.

Download here (780 kb): PDF_Download