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Fall 1998 Newsletter, The Art of Noticing

This edition of our newsletter, Discoveries, focuses on observation.  Kathy Hocker is Juneau’s premier artist-naturalist, teaching classes on field techniques for all ages. In 1998, she wrote a feature article for our newsletter, entitled The Art of Noticing.  In the article, Hocker explains that “field sketching isn’t just for artists. Many people who plead ‘I can’t draw’ in most situations are less intimidated by sketching outdoors. This is because the goal of field sketching is not necessarily to create a realistic representation, but to use the process of drawing to learn more. The actual picture that results may be secondary to the insight gained from creating that picture.”

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Fall 1999 Newsletter: No Name Bay and other misnomers

Discovery Southeast’s Fall 1999 newsletter has a great essay on the prevalence of non-native places names in Southeast Alaska.

A wonderful piece by Kathy Hocker discusses the importance of outdoor education for our community.

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Fall 2001 Newsletter, Off Trail

Our Fall 2001 newsletter includes an article by Steve Merli exploring the benefits of going off trail with kids, and an essay by Richard Carstensen on how Southeast Alaska ranks compared to neighboring ecoregions.

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Fall 2004 Newsletter, Nexus: Estuaries of Southeast Alaska

This Discovery Southeast newsletter features an in-depth article on estuaries.  It includes notes on how estuaries develop, their food webs, and their importance to the greater ecosystem.  The newsletter also includes field journal nature sketches, a tracking exercise, and notes on Discovery Southeast.

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Fall 2011 Newsletter, Recording Nature

The Fall 2011 newsletter focused on the art of journaling. Richard Carstensen wrote, in an article titled Recording Nature: Field Journalling as Raven Goes Global, “Journaling is my work and play. It’s how I taught myself to be a naturalist, and one of the ways I share observations and insights with others.”  Kathy Hocker provided an example of her sketchbook journaling, and naturalist Kevin O’Malley provided an essay on his experiences in Nature Studies.

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Spring 2011 Newsletter, Geology and life: Connections between the living and non-living world

In this newsletter, Richard Carstensen seeks to answer a seemingly simple question: how do living things respond to geologic landforms and rock types?  His essay explores the interactions between living and non-living things in Southeast Alaska.  You will also find Discovery News, and a short write-up by Scott Burton on the popular trail game Camouflage.

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Summer 2003 Newsletter, Risen Valleys: Wildlands ‘out the road.’

In our Summer 2003 newsletter you’ll find an article by Katy Hocker on the “risen valleys” area between Amalga Harbor and Eagle River.  Hocker discusses wildlife in the area, and offers suggestions for human use.  Hocker also looks at the impact of dogs on wild area in her article “Dog day thoughts.”  You will also find a tracking “puzzle” and a page from Hocker’s field notebook.

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Winter 2006 Newsletter, Sitka deer: Thoughts and field notes

In the Winter 2006 newsletter you’ll find an essay from Richard Carstensen on his connection to Sitka Black Tailed Deer.  You’ll also find sketches from Kathy Hocker’s field notebook, and discovery news.

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Winter 2013 Newsletter, Backtracking: Discovery’s past and future

Discovery Southeast’s Winter 2013 newsletter includes an essay by Richard Carstensen on the foundations of our organization.  You will also find a profile of Steve Merli by Scott Burton, a short write-up by Scott about naturalist training at Auke bay, and Discovery News.

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