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Alexander Archipelago Wolves

This short piece from the Alaska Wildlife Alliance gives an overview of the challenges faced by the wolves of the Alexander Archipelago by logging, hunting, and human expansion.

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Auke Lake Trail Interpretive Signs

This three-part sign array offers information on the natural history, geology, and bio-culture of the Auke Lake Trail. You can download the three signs below:

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Geology (2MB): PDF_Download

Bioculture (2MB): PDF_Download


Cowee-Davies Watershed Brochure

This brochure gives you a brief introduction to the natural history of the Cowee Davies watershed.  You’ll find information about forests, fish, Tlingit history, and more.

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Documenting change through repeat photography in Southeast Alaska

This report highlights historical photographs of Southeast Alaska from a variety of archives.  It focuses on repeat photography, the act of retaking historical photos and juxtaposing them with the originals in order to see changes in the land over time.  Not only does this report cover most of Southeast Alaska, it also offers insights into the past and future of photographic documentation.

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Gold Creek Delta Historical Series

This report uses historical photos and maps to document the changing downtown Juneau waterfront  from mid-1800s to present.  It's a fascinating window to Juneau's growth. Carstensen annotates the maps, providing detailed observations about the Delta. This report was created in order to evaluate alterations along the shoreline proposed for a Seawalk.

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Ground-truthing technology for field & office

This three-pager lists some of the tricks Bob Christensen and Richard Carstensen learned beginning in 2005 while developing a protocol for rapid field assessment.  New-age ground-truthing builds on timeless naturalists’ skills and adds cutting edge technologies.

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Heen Latinee High Country

This document journals Richard Carstensen’s observations in the remote high alpine habitat of the Forest Service’s Heen Latinee Experimental Forest, on the northern edge of Juneau.  It discusses geography, geology, habitat, and wildlife–and usually all at once!

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Jensen-Olson Arboretum Brochure

This guide to the Jensen-Olson Arboretum is part of a series by Richard Carstensen on Juneau watersheds.  Explore the plants and habitat that make these gardens such a local gem.

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Landmark Trees Project – Kake

This is an interpretive guide for the Hamilton Forest, a landmark tree area near Kake.  You will find descriptions of individual trees, a list of plant species, a brief natural history of the region, maps, diagrams, and more.

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Landmark Trees Project – Ketchikan

This is a comprehensive guide to the Ward Forest, a Landmark Trees Forest near Ketchikan.  Part one focuses on individual trees and the natural history of the forest, and part two offers context for large tree forests in the region.

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Landmark Trees Project – Petersburg

This is a guide to Ohmer Creek Forest, a Landmark Trees area near Petersburg.  In part one you will find information on individual trees and on the area’s natural history.  In part two you will find context for the large tree forest areas in the region.

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Landmark Trees Project – Sitka

This Landmark Trees project report from Sitka, AK covers the Gavan Forest.  Part one of the report is a tree-by-tree description of the forest, and part two gives context for big tree forests across the region.

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Mendenhall Glacier: Aerial Perspectives

This booklet of maps and images spanning the past century shows the Mendenhall Glacier’s retreat and the forest succession, while also providing information on the area’s geology.  The Mendenhall Glacier was the destination selected by the Glacier habitat group of the STREAM: Pedagogy of Place Institute, July 17-19, 2013.  You’ll find information about bedrock geology and surficial geology, and you’ll also find historical photographs of the Mendenhall.

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