Discovery Southeast Buff

From: $20.00

Celebrating 30 years of nature education, Discovery Southeast’s Buff highlights Southeast Alaska’s more subtle flora and fauna. It’s perfect for anyone who closely observe the world around us—particularly former students who took part in our programs in grade school!

It’s great as a neck warmer, face mask, head band, or hat, and was beautifully designed by Marms & Meeks.

There are 3 ways to purchase the Buff.

  1. Alumni (anyone who’s been a participant in a Discovery Southeast program) making at least a $25 donation receive it free!
  2. Regular purchase, $20
  3. Donations $65 and over receive it free

We originally intended this as an alumni gift—bringing together the tens of thousands who, as children, were part of Nature Studies or Outdoor Explorers.  That said, there’s demand for face coverings these days, and this Buff is pretty awesome so we hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for supporting and making possible outstanding nature and science education for Southeast Alaskans!



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