Forest Restoration in the Tongass: Why, How, and Where

A look at the effects of environmental degradation on Southeast Alaska's riparian forests.  The book asks a central question: what can be done to restore them?

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From Richard Carstensen:

You break it, you fix it

For the first 2 years of my Ground Truthing project with Bob Christensen, we focused mostly on what was wrong with the Southeast timber program. After that, tiring of documenting all the stupid ways people relate to nature, we decided to flip the question and instead ask: What are the smart ways to use our fish and game and forests?

For me, the Ground-truthing Project began to wind down in 2009, as I focused more narrowly around Juneau (specifically the CBJ Natural History Project). Bob, however, continued to roam throughout Southeast, assisting and inspiring communities in a gradual return to more sustainable lifeways.

One part of that move toward rational land use, is repairing our mistakes. In 2012, Bob partnered with The Wilderness Society to produce a technical report on forest restoration for Southeast Alaska. Intended audiences are resource managers, community and tribal leaders, conservationists, contractors and others interested in forest restoration. The 71-page pdf includes an exhaustive literature review, interviews with experts in the field, GIS analysis and experiences from ground-truthing surveys throughout Southeast.

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