Landmark Trees Project – Kake

This is an interpretive guide for the Hamilton Forest, a landmark tree area near Kake.  You will find descriptions of individual trees, a list of plant species, a brief natural history of the region, maps, diagrams, and more.

Download Here (3.2MB): PDF_Download



From Richard Carstensen:

In Ketchikan, Petersburg, Sitka, and Kake, we’ve described big-tree forests easily reached on trails. These forest walks are already known and loved by residents. While these Community Landmark Tree forests might not score as high as our remote LT sites, they’re perfect places to learn about Alaska’s giant spruce forest. Armed with detailed maps in our guide booklets, you can locate individual trees, learn their ages, physical dimensions, and responses to past windstorms, floods or handlogging. Discussion of streamside or riparian understory flora and fauna explains why we’ve come to feel that the association of spruce, salmon, bear, eagle, devil’s club and alluvium defines the core terrestrial community on the Tongass.